Bluestone Energy & Safety Technologies Certified Energy Auditors will prepare and present a detailed analysis of your facility's lighting equipment that will include:
• kW usage before and after
• KWh based on hours of operation in each room
• A description of existing equipment and the proposed retrofit
• The project energy savings based upon actual costs of electricity, including demand and energy charges and utility and saves taxes on electricity purchases
• A calculation of the projected maintenance savings
• The capital cost and the utility rebate
• The net cost and first year pay back calculation
In 2006, the Association of Energy Engineer's developed the Certified Energy Auditor (C.E.A.) certification. The C.E.A. certification is one that identifies firms, such as Bluestone Energy & Safety Technologies, as having the required knowledge and experience needed to succeed in the growing field of energy auditing.
Rising energy costs and inefficiency in facilities is continually driving the need for facilities to conduct detailed energy audits. Bluestone Energy & Safety Technologies will collect and analyze historical energy use at your facility. We will then study the building and the operational characteristics to identify potential modifications that will reduce the energy use, demand and cost. We perform an engineering and economic analysis of potential modifications including environmental impacts in order to prepare a prioritized list of recommended modifications. Once approved, we will manage your project and work with your local utility company to see if there are any rebates available.
Energy auditing requires the analysis of all energy-using systems of a facility, resulting from on-site observation, measurement, and engineering calculations including:
• Building Envelope
• Lighting System and Controls
• Hot Water
• Food Preparation Systems
• Laundry
• Conveying Systems
Facility characteristics, needs and resources will determine the type of audit required at your facility. A commercial building audit can generally be categorized into the following levels:
• Level I - Walk Through Analysis
• Level 2 - Energy Survey and Analysis
• Level 3 - Detailed Analysis of Capital-Intensive Modifications
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