Lighting retrofits are one of the most common and effective conservation measures available. Replacing T12 and T8 lamps, magnetic ballast's and high intensity discharge (HIDS) fixtures with newer technology lighting systems along with government and utility incentives have produced unheard of returns and energy savings. As an added benefit, newer lighting systems provided a better quality of light, are quieter and last longer.
Typically, lighting retrofits provide a positive cash flow on an amortized program, or simply pay for themselves in 18 to 30 months, offering internal rates of returns up to 30% or more! Utility incentives can help with up-front costs, while making for more attractive rates of return. In some cases, the reduced payback period is as little as 12 months.
Bluestone Energy & Safety Technologies Certified Energy Auditors will prepare and present a detailed analysis of your facility's lighting equipment that will include:
• kW usage before and after
• KWh based on hours of operation in each room
• A description of existing equipment and the proposed retrofit
• The project energy savings based upon actual costs of electricity, including demand and energy charges and utility and saves taxes on electricity purchases
• A calculation of the projected maintenance savings
• The capital cost and the utility rebate
• The net cost and first year pay back calculation
Proper lighting system maintenance is essential to high quality, efficient lighting. Systematic lighting management methods and services from lighting specialists can help organize the process and assure continued high performance of any lighting system.
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