Long term power outages can prove to be extremely costly. Ice storms, hurricanes, tornados and equipment failures are a few of the causes of long term power interruptions all having the potential to cause costly production loss of revenue and in some instances loss of product, e.g. perishable foods.
Bluestone Energy & Safety Technologies will assess individual needs and assemble nationwide, regional and local, site specific strategies to help prevent future losses resulting from long term power outages.
Proper power outage recovery planning must define the procedures employed to ensure timely and orderly resumption of business cycles through the ability to execute written plans with minimal or no interruption to time sensitive business or service operations.

It is not about the probability of the occurrence...
....it is about the damage caused by the occurrence itself.
The complex US Power grid electrical apparatus is sensitive to disturbances. Recent change in its design and utilization has significantly reduced its operating margins to supply us with on-demand electricity. This means there is less flexibility available with which to deal with power shortages and blackouts.

A blackout refers to the total loss of power to an area and is the most severe form of power outage that can occur. Blackouts, which result from or result in power stations tripping, are particularly difficult to recover from quickly.

Outages may last from a few minutes to a few weeks depending on the nature of the blackout and the configuration of the electrical network.
An unplanned outage due to storm or accidental damage to the power lines and equipment can be very costly.

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