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Greg York
Director, Global Sourcing
"As a part of our continuing effort to improve operations and reduce operating costs, this project has been an important step toward reaching those goals. We also believe that this project has been a step forward in the reduction of our carbon footprint."
B.E.S.T. services include:
At Bluestone Energy & Safety Technologies, we specialize in providing our customers with Energy Management Solutions and Workplace Safety Programs. Our mission is to be the front-runner in the construction of energy efficient systems for retail, commercial and warehousing distribution and related facilities.
Let our team of experienced full building Certified Energy Auditors conduct a thorough audit of each of your facilities to ensure all available energy savings opportunities are captured and accounted for.
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Bluestone Energy & Safety Technologies solutions will provide the B.E.S.T. opportunity for energy savings while providing a better lighting environment in each of your facilities.
Implementation of energy efficient lighting using the latest state-of-the-art technologies will maximize energy savings and improve light quality with the lest possible disruption of operations. Federal, state and local incentives may be available in your area.
Nationwide service with cost effective, energy efficient solutions.
Economical, Fast & Accurate